Flexi services

ALRON OIL flexitank service is a reliable and cost-effective for the safe transport of any non-hazardous liquid bulk cargo. Our service also enables you to save time needed to load and unload your cargo. We assist you in everything from selling to fitting.
Benefits of Shipping by Flexitanks:
Installation Time: Installation of flexitank in the container takes about 20-30 minutes, after which it is ready for filling the liquid cargo which takes another about 30-40 minutes.
Save the costs associated with loading and unloading compared to drums.
Reduce cleaning costs compared to drums.
Save packaging costs.
Minimization of freight costs as you only pay for one way (to the destination).
100 % Safe : Zero risk of contamination as our flexi-tanks are disposable.
Multimodal Transport: The container can be transported by road, railway or sea.
Faster & Efficient Operations: Consignee/Receiver can unload the cargo quickly and without any losses by using just the pump.