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We offer cost effective Sea Freight services to all worldwide destinations , enabling you to ship your regular , small and oversized shipments . Our dedicated container  sales and trading department specialize in buying , selling and leasing shipping containers , conversions and fabrications, container painting, and refurbishment . Also by having agreements

with major global  carriers we give you greater flexibility in choosing the schedule and  transit time  that best suits your

shipment needs. From standard containers to special equipment, you can always find the  container that fits with your cargo needs and dimensions.


Our Key Benefits Includes :


Equipment Availability

Door to Door Delivery

All Worldwide Destinations

Competitive Rates


Flexitank service is a reliable and cost – effective for the safe transport of any non-hazardous liquid bulk cargo .Our service

also enables you to save time needed to load and unload your cargo.We assist you in everything from selling to fitting .

Installation of flexitank in the container takes about 20-30 minutes, after which it is ready for filling liquid cargo which takes

another about 30-40 minutes.


Key Benefits :


  • Save the costs associated with loading and unloading compared to drums
  • Reduce cleaning costs compared to drums
  • Save packaging costs
  • Minimization of freight costs as you only pay for one way (to the destination)
  • 100 % Safe : Zero risk of contamination as our flexi-tanks are disposable
  • Multimodal Transport –  The container can be transported by road, railway or  sea
  • Faster & Efficient Operations: Consignee/Receiver can unload the cargo quickly and without any losses by using just the pump


ISO tank containers are manufactured to the International Organization for Standardization  requirements for physical dimensions and universal feature set to carry liquids, hazardous & non hazardous. Using modern handling equipment

we  are able to offer loaded and empty ISO tank lifting and storage . We acts as a one – stop shop for comprehensive service to the tank  container industry throughout . Given our  strategic  proximity to major industrial  and  commercial

areas, ISO tanks can be serviced and returned to our customers with a fast turn around.


Tanker Service is a demanding business that require planning & preparation.It also requires the ability to be flexible as and when required.Alron , handlesa wide range of tanker with ease. With range of services  Alron assures whatever the delivery , we make it

happen  Tanker Services Fuel & Gas offers primary  and secondary bulk road transportation . Tanker Services Fuel and Gas stays

up-to-date with industry standards and practice, continuously evaluating our services and standards.


Bunkering services refers to the provision of marine fuels to ships, as well as other ocean faring vessels, such as oil tankers,

container vessels, cargo vessels, cruise ships and ferries.  And vessels utilized in the upstream oil and gas industry such as

offshore support  vessels, submersible, semisubmersible rigs & FPSO vessels. Bunkering is broadly  categorized as onshore

bunkering & offshore bunkering, whereby marine fuel is typically pumped into vessels by refueling vessels barges, product

tankers or another ship in harbors,close to shore,or in open waters.Onshore bunkering involves the transfer of marine fuels on a shore – to – ship basis from an onshore facility, whereas offshore bunkering involves the transfer of marine fuels on a ship-to-ship basis.

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